A Spiritual Way to Create Wealth


  I AM WEALTH: The Secrets to Divine Abundance is a powerful, easy-to-use, 40 day wealth-creation program that deeply transforms your personal inner world (the level of cause), and naturally manifests wealth and abundance into your life.

Many people hopelessly live out their lives experiencing various forms of poverty and lack because of conditioned beliefs towards money that have cut them off from the abundance they innately deserve.

This unique, 40-day, audio/visual program deeply empowers you from the inside, overcoming negative belief systems at their core and creating new healthy ones.

By bringing you back into harmony with abundance, you can begin to receive the wealth you deserve. Right now, you are part of a rich universe and it is your birthright to experience that abundance. Claim back what is yours... today!

Is this program for you?

Then it's time to claim your birthright and allow Divine Abundance to flow into your life!

My Own Success Story...

By doing this program, I went from a life of debt, living living in rainy England - not doing what I wanted to with my life, being trapped in various situations and having little or no money - to now, living on the most beautiful island of Hawaii in the most beautiful part of the island, surrounded by the mountains and the ocean. I only work for myself doing ONLY what I love!

I now spend my life with people I love, enjoying the sun and the beach, reading, meditating, teaching, enjoying the best food ever while experiencing inner and outer joy and fulfillment.

My life is truly a blessing and my deep, heartfelt desire now is to empower you to live the life of your dreams too. Life is magical and Divine Abundance is EVERYONE'S birthright. We just have to be open to receive and learn how to tap into the source of all abundance.

Listen to the story of how "I Am Wealth" was created

How it works: The Most Sophisticated Wealth Creation Program in the World

I AM WEALTH is a complete wealth creation package that has 3 main parts that takes about 30-45 minutes a day to enjoy. By completing this program for 40 days, you will experience significant shifts in your inner world and wealth will naturally begin flowing towards you in new ways!

What you get:
The Complete Wealth Package

PART 1: Grounding the Wealth

  Before you begin the 40-day program set up your "Wealth Corner". Create a sacred place where you can pin up the following sheets and any other images to remind you of wealth and make you feel good.

You will look at the wealth corner every day during the program, so take the time to do the groundwork and make this place comfortable and enjoyable. Fill in all the relevant sheets and prepare yourself for a journey of a lifetime...

Here's what goes in the wealth corner:
Contract of Divine Abundance
Calendar of Divine Abundance
Manifestation List
Invoking Abundance

PART 2: The 40-Day I AM WEALTH Program


The Morning Program

The 6-step I Am Wealth program is simple - yet very powerful. Enjoy it every MORNING for 40 consecutive days. If you miss a day, begin again or do the program twice the next day. You will need the following sheets printed out to complete it. Each day, you will fill in the "Program Pages" & "Invoking Wealth Daily" sheets. Enjoy.

The Program Pages x 40
Invoking Wealth Daily x 10 (4 per page)
Statement of Divine Abundance

"I Am Wealth" the movie

It's FUN & EASY - just hit play, sit back and enjoy!
Reinforces your own sense of eternal satisfaction, fulfillment and inner abundance
Overcomes conditioned blocks towards money
Re-connects you to the Source of All Abundance
Helps concentration
Allows positive energy vibrations to flow into you subconscious mind

The "I Am Wealth" movie was created and refined over several months to address a variety of common limiting belief systems and reinforce "wealth consciousness" direct to your subconscious mind. Watching this movie often has the power to make significant shifts in your consciousness which in turn will directly effect your outer life - allowing the wealth you deserve to flow towards you.

Sweet Dreams Manifestation Meditations


3 Powerful Guided Meditation Audios
Allows you to access your most powerful manifestation zone hidden deep in your psyche
Inspires powerful ideas that will enable you to attain limitless success in your life
Feels wonderful and refreshing
Deeply connects you with the Infinite Source of All Abundance and transforms it into wealth

These amazing, tailor-made meditations make the task of inner transformation easy. They have been created with years of meditation experience to take you deep, deep, deep into a place of complete peace and guide you on a journey to infinite abundance.

Michael Mackintosh
Success Ultra Now
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Kilauea, Hawaii USA